The United Grand Lodge of England celebrated its Tercentenary on Saturday 24th June. Undoubtedly events across the world have taken place to mark this occasion. The Province of Hampshire and Isle of Wight chose Marwell Zoo as the venue for our celebrations. This event has been almost 2 years in the planning, a number of masons from across the province were responsible for making this an outstanding event, the team were lead by Sean Whelan and can rightly feel proud that their tireless efforts enabled so much to be enjoyed by the 2,500 brethren, families and friends who attended at Marwell.

Not only were the animals out in the warm weather for all to marvel at but other entertainers provided shows and attractions to occupy children and adults alike. Fun characters in animal costume enthralled the children and the inflatable fun zone provided a safe venue for children allowing parents and grandparents time to relax in the private green and gardens adjacent to Marwell Hall. Archery inspired budding "Robin Hood's", you never know a future Olympian may have been discovered. Birds of Prey swooped over the heads of the audience and ladies playing with fire in the high energy dance and acrobatics show made those watching cheer and gasp at the entertainers show.

All the usual Marwell Zoo attractions were available for guests to enjoy and no doubt many pictures were taken to aid the memories last for years to come. Square Bear pictures were taken with lots of people. Those published here are done so with the permission of parents. Many others were taken on personal camera's for family posterity.
It was particularly pleasing to have several of our Province's charity partners attend with their stalls providing information regarding their important work serving countless people in our community.
Those charities present were; Lifelites, Jubilee Sailing Trust, The Elizabeth Foundation, ClicSargent against Cancer, The Honeypot, Rose Road Association, Naomi House and Jack's Place.

This unique event cannot be summed up in just these few words, you could say you had to be there to appreciate fun and friendship being experienced by those fortunate to have been able to get a ticket.
Perhaps we can all do it again some time, you know we don't need a masonic anniversary to celebrate to have reason to put on a show like this.

A big Square Bear thank you to the organising team, all the mum's, dad's and grandparents, but most of all to all the children, their faces of joy were worth all the work put in. See you soon....Square Bear.