2013-07-0313.57.19I'm posting this report BEFORE the Provincial Grand Lodge meeting in Southampton as I will be very busy during the day. I am looking forward to being presented to the Provincial Grand Master at the Guildhall and again later on at the Novotel Hotel in the late afternoon / evening dinner. After that I am going to set off on my travels. My first port of call is still not known to me but I'm told it will be in a few days time, I'll be travelling there in my exclusive transport which is a one seater luxury travelling module (A shoulder Bag) and will hopefully arrive safely before the meeting. I look forward to posting on Facebook and if I get my Twitter account set up in the next day or two will start tweeting a few pictures.

 The pictures should also appear here on my Blog.

See you all around the Province and further a-field for that matter. 

Square Bear