Oct 18

Pudbrook Lodge No. 8366

It was a real pleasure to be present at Pudbrook Lodge Ladies Festival last night. Bear carer And Venn was a superb host and not only has he provided excellent pictures to enable a lasting record of the occasion to be published on Facebook and squarebear.org but he has also given a great account of the evening which is reproduced below. Many thanks Andy.

'After being a visitor at several lodges just lately it was a pleasure to be a guest at a Ladies Night in the c...ompany of W Bro Andy Venn & his wife Michelle. Suitably dressed in a bow tie we went to Brook House Masonic Centre where I immediately started to make new friends with the many brethren and their guests. I was made to feel very welcome by W Bro Bill Holden, Worshipful Master of Pudbrook Lodge No 8366, and his wife Sheilagh. During what was a superb evening I met brethren from Pudbrook and other lodges, together with their wives, girlfriends and partners, gathered together to thank these ladies for their support during the year.

It was a night full of friendship, laughter, dancing, a few drinks of the alcoholic variety and some good food. I even had a go on the decks under the watchful eye of the DJ, Bro Chris Blake.

Unlike Cinderella we were still out after midnight, dancing and enjoying ourselves and I am now a little tired and looking for a few days rest before going to Grand Lodge next weekend for the New & Young Freemasons Clubs Conference, again in the company of W Bro Andy Venn"

Oct 16

Lodge of Friendship No. 928

On Tuesday 6th. October The Lodge of Friendship had their meeting in Petersfield. This was a rather special occasion being the guest of APGM Noel Voice. Senior Deacon Simon Baigent acted as bear carer for the evening making arrangements for a seat to be made available near to the secretary from where introductions were made to all those present. All seemed very pleased. The lodge were honoured to receive the Provincial Senior Grand Warden W.Bro. Mike Ingram and his supporting Provincial Team. Everyone was treated to a marvellous ceremony of initiation for not just one, but two new brethren, Steve Kyte and Chris Loynes.

As yet only the one picture has been made available, so if you were there and you have some pictures of the occasion you wish to share please email to bear@squarebear,org . Thank you.

Oct 12

Provincial Church Service

An unexpected visit was enjoyed on Sunday. It was the occasion of the Provincial Church Service taking place in Winchester Cathedral, this is one of the highlights of our masonic calendar. Stewards of the Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge No.9263 undertake many duties ensuring the smooth running of the event and welcoming the PGM Michael Wilks and all the guests of the province. As always many were in attendance to share in this event.

Oct 12

Vale of Itchen Lodge No.7816

Saturday afternoon was spent in the company of the Provincial Grand Bouncers, Andy Venn & Rob Wilson, to Vale of Itchen Lodge no.7816 to see Bro Steve Williams installed in the Chair of King Solomon. This was a superb meeting.
As always, all the guests was made to feel very welcome although at one point I was abducted by the new Worshipful Master for purposes unknown but soon returned to the festive board by the two ProvGBs, who, in their right mind, would argue with them.
All in all, an excellent afternoon and evening in good company. Very much looking forward to undertaking several adventures whilst with bear carer Andy Venn.

Oct 10

Vectensian Lodge No.7852

The end to a great week last evening in Ryde with a visit to Vectensian Lodge for the occasion of their Proclamation Festival. Bro. Mick Jones was an excellent bear carer on what was a particularly important evening for him as he was installed as the lodge Junior Warden. A special privilege to visit this lodge as it is the mother lodge for APGM  Dave Perkis and the current Provincial Junior Grand Warden, W.Bo. Tim Lewis who is also the Lodge Director of Ceremonies, both of wh...om were in attendance and as the evening progressed there were photo opportunities with them both. W.Bo. Arthur Niblett was proclaimed Master of the Lodge as he commenced his second year as a fine leader. Arthur went on to install the officers of the lodge with aplomb and good humour, there was no doubting the happiness among all the brethren and guests. W.Bro. Paul Baker delivered the address to the wardens and W.Bro. Mike Davies delivered the address to the brethren. Paul was master in 2013 and Mike in 2012 so it was excellent to see the lodge involving recent past masters in such important parts of the evenings proceedings, Vectensian are certainly embracing provincial initiatives.

The Festive Board was an opportunity for the newly appointed Visiting Officer, W.Bo. Colin Dimmick to thank the lodge for the warm welcome they had given him and also took time to explain the usefulness for the Thomas Langton Fund and how lodges can benefit, via this fund, local worthy causes through its charitable giving.

Some of the brethren's ladies had enjoyed a meal together in Ryde and returned to the masonic centre to join brethren in the bar for what was an enjoyable end to a highly successful evening. In excess of £200 was raised for the Worshipful Master's and his Lady Sylvia nominated charity, Ryde Sea Cadets, this amount being separate to funds raised earlier in the evening for the 2016 Festival, the Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys. Plenty of photos taken and new friends made.

Today, Saturday involved a trip with Guardian Clive Dobson across The Solent to meet with new bear carer Andy Venn and his lady Michelle, this afternoon is a visit to the Vale of Itchen Lodge, keep a look out for a report on that visit. Thanks to all at Vectensian Lodge and brethren on the Isle of Wight.

Oct 8

Needles Lodge No.2838


Yesterday, Wednesday 7th. October was an exciting day. A journey across The Solent with John Pearson and other brethren to meet a new bear carer, David Woodford for the visit to Needles Lodge. This was a special visit as it was the first meeting for Needles at their new home, the Ryde Masonic Centre. Needles is also the mother lodge of Square Bear guardian Clive Dobson. The ceremony was a first degree undertaken by past masters of the lodge. The chair was taken by W.Bro. John Martin PAGStB. He was excellent and was very well supported by an experienced team. W.Bro.  Clive Dobson was Junior Deacon and also gave an explanation of the mode of preparation to the newly initiated Brother Andrew Rothery. The Charge after Initiation was word perfect delivered by W.Bro. David Crook. Bro. Nick Sillence was declared Master Elect for the ensuing year, his installation as Master taking place on the 4th. November.

A lively Festive Board as always with many opportunities for pictures with Needles brethren and guests. A particular favourite is the one with W.Bro. David Clements, Master of the lodge, he is flanked on his right by W.Bro. John Martin and on his left Bro. Nick Sillence, Master Elect together with the initiate Andrew Rothery.

Grateful thanks to Bear Carer David Woodford all the brethren at Needles and guests. Very much looking forward to the next visit which is on Friday to Vectensian Lodge for their Installation meeting.


Sep 24

St. Vincent Lodge No.5395 Ladies Festival Weekend

Bear carer W.Bro, John Pearson and his lady Kerry were the hosts last weekend for St. Vincent Lodge Ladies Festival Weekend which was held in Chichester. A huge amount of work was put in by Kerry and John to ensure all brethren, ladies and guests had an enjoyable couple of evenings.

Friday night was a themed event, "Pirates and Wenches". As you can see from the photos those attending really made an effort with their costumes. John made sure that even as a bear you can have an... eye patch and cutlass, great fun. Much grog was consumed and merriment was the order of the evening.

After a relaxing day on Saturday it was time to spruce up and join everyone for the main Gala Night. A five course dinner followed by music and dancing. A very succcessful evening where everyone was very generous in supporting Kerry and John's charity, Hounds for Heroes, a very worthy cause.

Thanks to John for being an excellent bear carer and providing the pictures.